Kanye West Talks Paul Mccartney Song, Bruce Jenner Transformation, Kim Kardashian Pregnancy [video]

by Robert Longfellow Jan 9 2015, 2:39am With one tweet, Kanye West has set the Internets on fire (at least enough to start trending). Apparently, Yeezy has a new song on the way that features Drake and the Weeknd. Im about to bless everyone with some fire from me, Drake and The Weeknd, tweeted Yeezy tonight (January 9) shortly after 2 am ET. Heres the thing, though. Thats a parody account. Lets see how many people read this far Doh!
Source: http://hiphopwired.com/2015/01/09/kanye-west-says-song-drake-weeknd-way/

Kanye West Supports Kim Kardashian’s Decision To Share Personal Struggle

Hes married into a family drama, and West has been candid about many areas of that drama since his marriage , reported Hollywood Life. In particular, Kanye is concerned about Jenners decision to transform myself by allegedly having plastic surgery. He views that as dangerous to Bruces health, said a source. Kanye considers Bruce family and hes North Wests grandfather. Kanye wants Bruce to be around for as long as possible, so he can see North grow up and be another positive influence in her life. West is worried that Jenner might experience the same tragedy that happened to Kanyes Kim Kardashian sex tape watch online own mother, explained the insider.
Source: http://www.inquisitr.com/1748428/kanye-west-talks-paul-mccartney-song-bruce-jenner-transformation-kim-kardashian-pregnancy-video/

Kanye West Thinks Charlie Sheen Needs To “Lay Off The Drugs” After Kim Kardashian Rant | Reality TV Magazine

Its just how God works. And when you want it so bad, its not happening. For now, Kim and Kanye are still trying to conceive the natural way. However, they arent ruling out in vitro fertilization if nothing keeps happening. Kim told Elle U.K. that she wants at least two more children with Kanye. I want a boy and another girl; I want it to start happening straight away.
Source: http://www.inquisitr.com/1744966/kanye-west-supports-kim-kardashians-decision-to-share-personal-struggle/

Kanye West Says Song With Drake and The Weeknd Is On The Way? | Hip-Hop Wired

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Source: http://radaronline.com/videos/kanye-west-has-fans-who-dont-know-who-paul-mccartney-is/

Kanye West-Paul McCartney Twitter kerfuffle shows Andy Warhol was right about fame in age of celebrity – Times Union

More than at any other time, the long and wobbling arc of celebrity is visible from liftoff to landing; no wonder we have to shut our eyes and forcibly forget a few of them. There’s too much information. We suffer from celebrity overload. It’s a good thing they die. But when they do, it’s a shocker, isn’t it?
Source: http://www.timesunion.com/living/article/Kanye-West-Paul-McCartney-Twitter-kerfuffle-shows-6002579.php

Kanye West Has Fans Who Don’t Know Who Paul McCartney Is | Radar Online

According to a new report by Hollywood Life , West has been bashing Sheen to his friends. In fact, one pal told the site: Kanye thinks Charlie should lay off the drugs. He thinks hes only attacking his wife so he can get some press and be relevant. So, what about the apology that Sheen issued to Kardashian? Kanye is not buying it, but instead: Its whatever at this point. The damage has already been done and Kanye feels like he meant exactly what he said. However, keeping silent about anything is unlike Kanye, but dont worry, he is not going to let Sheen get away with, at least that is what his friends claim. Uh oh, was that a threat?
Source: http://realitytvmagazine.sheknows.com/2015/01/08/kanye-west-thinks-charlie-sheen-needs-to-lay-off-the-drugs-after-kim-kardashian-rant/

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